Friday, December 22, 2017

Arriba! Andale! Ap-chagi! Taekwondo in Mexico

  As has been covered before on this website, Taekwondo is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, but one place in particular has been caught by the fever - Mexico. The signs should have been clear - Mexico had already been a hotspot for other martial arts and had been producing boxing champions for years. One of the tipping points definitely came about when more than 4,000 spectators came to see the Kukkiwon's exhibition in Mexico City. FOUR THOUSAND. Most Taekwondo events in large American cities are lucky to pull in a few hundred, or perhaps a thousand, people, and that is including both participants and the spectators.

Mexico has over 1.5 million practitioners of Taekwondo, close to 4,000 registered schools, and is currently ranking as the country with the 4th most medals in Taekwondo at the Olympics. Considering the relatively longer time it took Taekwondo to become popular in Mexico (only really starting to kick off in the early 2000s), Taekwondo still has a bright future full of excellent growth opportunities in Mexico. No wonder large companies such as Adidas have jumped in to act as sponsors for Mexico's FMT (Federacion Mexican de Taekwondo).

A growing population, growing interest in Taekwondo, and a growth in martial arts-related talent can only spell success for Mexico's future in the ring.