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Anonymous said...

Master White's Taekwondo

Kate Jackson Center, Tampa, FL

The best Taekwondo school I ever attended. Master White has experience in the field. The prices are the cheapest I have ever seen in the entire sport, you can tell that Master White isn't in it for the money.

Expect HARD training sessions, not for the faint of heart. Belts are not "given", they are earned. Lots of personal training for tournaments and cross-training with other schools.

Overall, excellent atmosphere.


Michael said...

Masters David and Sunny Chang.

Tigon Martial Arts in Simi Valley, California.

I have been coming to this school for about three years, and I will be testing for my Sho Dan at the end of te year. I highly recommend this school if you are in the area. We learn Olympic style sparring and some Traditional Taekwondo. Master Sunny is 4 times Korean National Champion from 1991, through 95 (I think, the date is on the website.)

Anonymous said...

Martial Sports in Seattle, WA

I did the adult classes for slightly under a year before transferring colleges. Excellent curriculum and I was never bored or dissatisfied (although often very tired!).

Not only does the Master Purcell know what he is doing, but I felt like I was constantly surrounded by professionals. Everyone is very friendly and generally very knowledgeable in at least one martial art.

I was able to fit the schedule to my needs, as training was available every day, except Sunday. I learned Taekwondo and was also introduced to Chinese and Filipino styles. The other people there are very "in to" and love what they do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeong's Blackbelt Acadamy, San Diego, CA


While Master Jeong himself is very, VERY, VERY good, he uses low-quality and downright bad instructors under him to teach lots of the time.

I left after about 2 weeks, I couldn't stand it. There are a handful of students that have skill or potential, but are being held back by these "instructors".

I can't say it is a bad school because the actual master is good, but I would definitely NOT recommend it to anyone.

Anonymous said...

-Krav Academy- Chicago, IL

-Krav Maga

-4/5- The only reason I didn't give a rating of 5/5 is that we sometimes have to share the mats with other classes. The instructors are unbelievably talented and helpful and really push you. They will see how exhausted you are and motivate you to push through the exhaustion and keep fighting. Great school and instructors. Would recommend to all.

Anonymous said...

Grandmaster Won's Taekwondo - Oklahoma City, OK

Great Grandmaster In Hui Won is the president of the US Central Taekwondo Association, as well as the US Han Moo Kwan Association, and has affiliated schools in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri. Grandmaster Won teaches Kukkiwon WTF style taekwondo, with the addition of the older palgwe forms, so as not to forget the heritage of the art.

puja shaha said...

Seattle Martial Arts
Bothell Aikido

Seattle Karate | Bothell Karate | Seattle Martial Arts -

Contact Us:>

Northwest Martial Arts, LLC
(206) 313-4688
18102 102nd Ave NE, Suite #105
Bothell, WA 98011