List of Taekwondo Kicks, Strikes, and Techniques


All of the below kicks have jumping, spinning, skipping, and sliding variations. All are allowed in ITF and WTF competition. Some if not most kicks listed are found in other martial arts, as well.
Double/Triple/etc. Roundkick
Roundhouse kick/Turning Kick
Fast kick
Retreating Roundhouse
Tornado kick
Back kick
Side kick
Push kick
Front kick
Hook kick
Spinning Hook kick
Axe kick (inside and outside)
Crescent kick (inside and outside)
45 degree kick
Down kick/Melon Kick


Only the straight punch is allowed in WTF competition. All punches are allowed in ITF competition.
Straight punch
Hook punch
Upwards elbow strike
Downwards elbow strike
Sidewards elbow strike
Finger jab
Spear hand
Knife hand
Forearm strike
Ridge hand
Flat handed punch
Shoulder Bash
Throat Strike/Grab
Knee Strike (Midsection and head)
Back fist
Spinning Back fist
Hammer fist
The Dangers of Using Certain Strikes


Blocks have been forbidden in certain forms of competition.
Down block
High Block
Press Block
Inside Block
Outside Block
Double Arm Block
Nine Block
Scissor Block
Knife Hand Block
Shin Block/Check
Head Block*

Attention Stance
Ready Position
Front Stance
Cat Stance
Back Stance
Walking Stance
Fighting/Sparring Stance
Horse Stance

Throws, Locks, Chokes, and Holds

Taekwondo has a multitude of throws and grabs taught at certain schools. They are almost exclusively taken from Aikido and Judo.

*The head block is not recommended and should never purposefully be attempted.

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