Friday, May 24, 2013

Why Not Pay Taekwondo Fighters?

Numerous other sports pay their athletes top dollar. In the combat-sports world, one can point at examples such as boxing and MMA. Floyd Mayweather alone has a salary of 85 million USD.

 While some may argue that love of the sport is what should drive Taekwondo, it is an indisputable fact that money is always a good motivator. Many top quality Taekwondo athletes have to give up fulltime training due to financial issues and pursuing a 9 to 5 job. Paying top level competitors wold ensure they have a better chance of reaching their potential, as well as providing the incentive of wealth and fame to the next generation of hopeful champions.

Bringing Taekwondo into a money-sponsored limelight would also shine more light on the entire sport, helping to spread it to new athletes as well as highlighting the sport's Olympic profile.


Anonymous said...

The lure of money in MMA has actually caused a bit of a drain concerning good TKD fighters.

There are MMA fighters with black belts in TKD who see that there is no money or way to support yourself in TKD (unless you are a corrupt Kukkiwon associate)

Seb Cy said...

But dont (or shouldnt) tkd fighters gain money thru endorsements?

Anonymous said...

Seb Cy, no taekwondo fighter can live off those meager endorsements! it's never steady income !