Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Taekwondo in MMA

 Taekwondo is ineffective! Taekwondo is overrated! Taekwondo kicks aren't viable! All MMA fighters use Muay Thai as their striking style!

How often have you heard these claims thrown about? We assume you've heard it more than enough. Are these claims true? In short, no. Let's take a look at how Taekwondo and its style has been faring in the MMA scene.

Famous Taekwondo Practitioners in MMA
Cung Le

Anderson Silva

Anthony Pettis

Vernon White

Cro Cop Mirko Filipovic

John Makdessi

Dan Hardy

Orlando Weit

Benson Henderson

Daron Cruickshank

Obviously, more than enough big name MMA fighters have strong Taekwondo bases or origins.  Taekwondo being an "unusable" style in mixed martials arts is absolute hogwash.

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