Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Elbow Strike

Striking with the Elbow

The elbow is a striking surface often neglected in arts outside of Thai boxing. Why is it useful? The elbow is a far harder striking surface than the fist. There are also less pain receptors and nerves. The fact that the elbow is more tapered than the knuckles also allows it to hit smaller targets.

When Should You Strike With the Elbow?

Just as with any strike, the elbow can technically be used at all ranges. Jumping elbows are a spectacular, if rare, occaison where elbows are used at a longer range.However, the prime range is within clinching range, that is to say, within less than a meter.

Where Should You Strike With the Elbow?

Prime targets are areas that are usuallz too hard to strike with the fist.

1. The skull
2. The face
3. The sternum
4. The area behind opponent's elbow

These areas would usually break or injure the fist or instep if struck.

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