Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Do a Hook Kick

What is a Hook Kick?

The hook kick is a kick that is predominantely seen in Taekwondo. Although seen in some forms of Karate, it is a spectacular knockout kick mostly observed in Olympic sparring.

How to Do a Hook Kick

1. Start out in the standard fighting stance. You will be kicking with your rear leg.

2. Chamber your leg into the standard chambering position.

3. Rotate the supporting leg and foot. Bring your knee past the intended target.

4. Snap the lower part of the leg and extend it to within 5 to 7 inches of the target, Then snap it towards and through the target by retracting the kicking leg while snapping it back. At the same time, pull back the entire leg with your hips.

What Part of the Foot Should You Be Striking With?

There are two options: the heel or the flat of the foot.

The heel is the more traditional method. There is a slightly decreased range, but the striking surface is far denser and heavier. The flat of the foot is used more in Olympic sparring for an extended range. This method is slightly faster, but does not deal as much damage.

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