Monday, July 30, 2012

Who to Look Out for in the 2012 Olympics

The Olympics have just recently started, but the Taekwondo games haven't begun yet!

There are a few competitors every person should be looking out for:

Steven Lopez- Obviously, he is one of the biggest powerhouses in the sport. After coming out with a bronze at the last Olympics, he is determined to earn a gold medal this time.

Lutalo Muhammad- All of England's eyes will be on this athlete. After the recent controversy of him replacing the #1 in his weight division, Aaron Cook, his performance will determine whether this was a wise choice or not.

Yousef Karami- Representing the Islamic Republic of Iran, Karami is one of the best competitors in the sport, leaving a trail of gold medals and landslide victories in his path, wining numerous World Championships and the Asian Championships over the last 9 years.

Lee Dae-Hoon- the recent rookie addition to Korea's national team is expected to do very well. Known for a slightly reckless style of fighting, his appearances in the ring are expected to entertain the crowd.

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loic said...

Nice pick! I would keep an eye on Sarah Stevenson though..
I can't wait!!